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The Teacher Agency Network of Victoria (TANVic) is an incorporated association of recruitment, on-hire and placement agencies that specialise in the education sector. Its member agencies compete independently to service a large number of schools in Victoria in the government, independent and catholic systems at all levels from pre-school to Year 12.

Member agencies are privately owned and operated, and through association gain valued professional collegiate support within a shared commercial marketplace. Since its inception the network has sought to promote recognition of the ethical and professional standards to which its members aspire in their business practices, and to build respected and valued relationships with all stakeholders connected to the broader education community that the industry services.

TANVic member agencies strive to be the most respected and first-recommended local agencies for schools and teachers to contact when looking for assistance with the complexities of short term replacement teaching needs and opportunities. They proudly provide schools and teachers with confidence that they receive high quality personalised service with full regulatory compliance.


  • accesses expert industrial guidance and advice to ensure currency and compliance, thereby maintaining the best quality service to clients.
  • is kept fully informed of government policies and changes regarding the employment of replacement teachers in Victorian schools.
  • is mutually supportive.
  • establishes and develops mutually supportive contacts with relevant government and private bodies as needs arise in a rapidly changing services landscape