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Frequently Asked Questions

What can TANVIC agencies offer schools that other agencies cannot?

TANVic offers its member schools a range of professional benefits, including assurances of compliance and ethical operation. The particular makeup of those benefits is determined by the particular agency a school commits to. TANVic agencies provide reassurance of dealing with a quality provider that must adhere to strict professional guidelines for it’s conduct. TANVicagencies work hard to achieve an equitable service that aids our clients – both schools and teachers. We work hard to exceed the expectations of our clients in the provision of superior services.

What can TANVIC agencies offer Relief Teachers that other agencies can’t?

Similarly to schools, working with a TANVic agency ensures you are dealing with experienced professionals who have your best interests and professional aspirations at heart. All agencies operate to the highest levels of professionalism, ensuring that you are treated fairly and with respect, that you receive all your entitlements and that you are provided with ample practical and timely professional development opportunities.

If I have a problem with a school can TANVic help me?

If you have not been able to resolve an issue with a school yourself or the issue is of a sensitive nature where you fear being singled out, your TANVic agency can speak on your behalf directly or indirectly as the case may require. If your agency cannot help or an extra opinion is required, TANVic may be able to help further depending on the nature of your concern. If your agency or TANVic cannot help, they will certainly point you in the right direction and show you where you might be able to get further help.

How do I sign up with a TANVIC agency?

  • You must be a qualified teacher registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT).
  • Do your homework on each agency by visiting their websites. This will help you to decide which type of agency structure best suits your personal circumstances.
  • Contact the agency for specific information on their registration processes.
  • Follow their instructions, return your paperwork and or attend an interview and you will be teaching in no time.

How much does it cost to work with an agency?

While there is a lot more to working with an agency than just the financials, it is a high frequency enquiry. As each agency is an independent business their charges will vary, and depending on your circumstances, what is an advantage to you  could be a disadvantage to someone else, so you need to assess your own case and work out which agency will best suit your circumstance and priorities.

What type of agencies are part of TANVIC?

While all the TANVIC agencies work in the Education sector, supplying teachers and associated staff to school, we go about it differently. There are two types of agency.

    • Most of the agencies are Recruitment Agencies who employ the teachers on their books. As the employer they will pay your wages and superannuation, and you will be covered under their workcover, public & professional liability insurance.
    • The other type of agency are Booking or Placement Agencies who provide schools with a booking service, they do not employ the teachers on their books. The schools remain the employer, paying wages, super, insurance etc.

It is the agency structure that allows the agency to offer the host of benefits it does to its clients, and clients choose based on the benefits that are most important to them.

Do I have to work through an agency?

Not necessarily, although working with an agency certainly has more advantages and can definitely be a more cost effective strategy for both CRTs and schools, particularly in the early days. Many of our schools and CRTs have recognised that the advantages and benefits of working with an agency far outweigh any perceived disadvantages.