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Advice for International Visitors

TANVic agencies comply with a code of professional practice that is respected by authorities and other stakeholders in the Victorian education community, including the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) – a legislated authority, established by the Victorian Government to manage and monitor teacher registration in Victoria – a prerequisite to teaching in Victoria.

TANVic recommends its member agencies as being best-suited to assist with your needs while planning to teach in Victoria during your stay.

Beware the myths and possible misinformation about the prospects for teachers arriving in Melbourne and seeking teaching appointments. The following is designed to assist international teachers develop their plans with reliable information.

  • There are no District School Boards in Victoria. The principal has sole discretion in the selection of staff within his/her school. In government schools the Principal and elected teachers and members of the local school community are empowered as a School Council to govern school business. Independent schools have similar governance powers and responsibilities.

Casual teachers (employed or on-hired for less than 31 consecutive school days) can be employees of a School Council, or a teacher agency.

Contract appointments in Victorian Government schools are determined at the school level within state guidelines. Vacancies are posted regularly on system websites. Contract teachers in government schools are employed by the Department of Education and Training.

  • TANVIC is aware that some international teacher agencies may offer inducements to teachers to sign contracts with what appear to be advantageous conditions. An offer of a free return flight for example would usually only occur if conditions such as a minimum number of days are worked at a reduced salary, thus negating the perceived value, or perhaps locking the teacher into a disadvantageous work requirement.
  • The Victorian school year has four 10-11 week terms often depending on the date of Easter, with 2 weeks holiday after each of terms 1, 2 and 3, and a further 6 weeks after term 4 through Christmas and January Summer holidays. The school year usually starts late in January and finishes the last Friday before Christmas.
  • A Principal is unlikely to contract a teacher who is unseen in their own school. This gives added advantage to those teachers who are working as a supply teacher (Casual Relief Teacher or CRT) in the short term. Your best contract opportunity is to be in Melbourne, working supply and when the opportunity arises, you are available to the school for interview, and prepared for immediate commencement.
  • Obtaining a 417/462 working/holiday visa online is not difficult. In most cases you can get your visa within 5 working days.
  • Work opportunities for casual teacher employment can be very seasonal as there is less supply work available at the start of the school year in January to early March and at the end of the school year in late December. Many visiting teachers also plan to travel in those “best weather Summer’ periods and teach in the busier times April to November
  • No TANVic Agency offers conditional inducements of this type to attract new teachers. All TANVIC agencies choose instead to act in compliance with the association’s values and ethics framework.